A.l.s.o. is a collection of multi-performance’ light objects’, the result of Artemide ongoing research into the quality of the relationship that exists between Man – the protagonist in the creation of his own wellbeing –
his objects and environment. This project redefines the concept of comfort as the freedom to determine and change the characteristics of every aspect of our lives though our control over important environmental elements: light, sound, air.

In addition to all this is the dimension of ‘touch’, a kind of ‘soul’ of these products, giving off “good vibrations” through their surfaces. The synergetic effect of the various technologies used for these objects enables us to improve and customise the qualities of our micro- and macro- environments, achieving different performances in accordance with the dimensions of the space and the context in which each product is used.

This convergence of integrated performance, new design expressions, technological and materials innovation engenders a new vision of ‘perceptible’ comfort, combining multipurpose potential and multi-sensory sensations.