Advanced Sound Engineering Consultant - n°5 - Umberto Nicolao

Umberto Nicolao

Advanced Sound Engineering Consultant


Advanced Sound Engineering Consultant - n°6 - Umberto Nicolao

Umberto Nicolao was born in Milan, Italy, in 1960. In 1987 he received a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy.

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Advanced Sound Engineering Consultant - n°7 - Umberto Nicolao

Sound Engineering Consulting Services


    • Design of audio systems for background music (BGM) and guided vocal evacuation in case of fire emergency (EVAC)
    • Design of wide open area covering acoustical warning systems
    • Design of sound masking systems for comfort and privacy care
    • Speech intelligibility measurements
    • Loudspeaker systems measurements
    • Development of loudspeaker measurements procedures for quality control in production and R&D
    • Tender specifications writing and partecipation to judging committee


    • Internal company technical training courses on acoustics and loudspeaker systems
    • Professional training and update courses on acoustics and loudspeaker systems
    • Technical books and manuals writing
    • High-school level technical courses


    • Design of mono, stereo and multichannel audio systems, with or without accompanying pictures
    • Listening room acoustical measurements and optimization of existing audio installations
    • Design of stereo and multichannel Hi-End and AV listening rooms


    • The highest quality digital conversion of analog audio recordings
    • Professional evaluation of the quality in stereo and multichannel audio recordings


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