Custom installations

Listening room,
for Sonus faber
Top Audio Exhibition,
Milan, Italy, 2011

Premio per la migliore sala d’ascolto

Hi-End Installation,
Vicenza, Italy 2010

High-performance audio system installation

Highly focused
sound masking system,
for Artemide
Euroluce Exhibition,
Milan, Italy 2009

Listening room acoustical design, for Sonus faber
Top Audio Exhibition,
Milan, Italy, 2009

AWARD for the best sounding room

Life Style Loudspeaker Systems Demo
for Ohbytutondo/ATEC
Livinluce Exhibition,
Milan, Italy, 2009

Demo Room
Acoustical Design for FBT
Recanati (MC), Italy, 2017

Listening Room Design
for Sonus faber
Vicenza, Italy, 2013

Meeting-demo room acoustical design
for Sica Loudspeakers
Trecastelli (AN), 2017

Hi-End Sound Reinforcement Installation for Sonus faber and McIntosh Julia Kent and Asso Stefana Live concert S.Francesco Church, Schio (VI), Italy 2015

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